[Where My Blog Will Go From Here]


About 5 months ago I began this blog and all things considered, I think it has been going well. I would like to thank the 35 some-odd Followers I have through WordPress and those that read me through Facebook and my (honestly sad) Twitter feed, for showing interest in my writing and giving me some hope. I had always meant to create a blog or website for my work, and have in the past, but never been motivated to keep consistent postings even though I had plenty of material to go through. That being said, I hope all that do follow and read this blog continue to do so as I gain more momentum and, hopefully, more followers.

So what is next then for my blog and what can you all expect to see? Well, honestly, it depends on something very important to me: advancing my writing career with some solid education. Earlier this February I was accepted to the Creative Writing: Fiction program Humber College in Toronto, Ontario offers at the beginning of May. I am so excited about being accepted because the program teaches its students how to develop their writing style, editing for publication, and will review up to 300 pages of original work. It is a full course load that will run from May until the end of November, and as such I am not quite sure how much time I will be able to spend working on other material. Poems would be simple enough, but my short stories may progress more slowly.

I fully intend to keep my blog active with new material and updates on my educational progress and what I have been learning. The piece I want to submit for the course is one no one has seen and I have not even mentioned on here what it is about. It is however, a collection of short stories I have been working on, on and off, since I began university six years ago. My hope is that this course, with the expert advice of my mentor Michelle Berry, will result in a new found understanding for my writing and a manuscript ready for publication. In addition, if this course is successful, perhaps acceptance to a Masters program will come next. It may only be a pipe-dream however, academically I have never been that strong of a student even though I love to learn and have knowledge accessible through a structured class.

All-in-all, in preparation for the amount of dedication I will need to place on my course piece, I will e putting my short story The Project on hold for the time being. I will continue with War of the Seasons until it is completed and perhaps write the four stories I have devised that branch off from it. But those are surprises left for another time. Of course there will be more poetry, I tend to have far too many ideas that end up as poems so I can come back to them later to expend on them. The long and short of it is, I will be working on my material just at a slower pace than usual.

On that note, I will be moving to Toronto’s Lakeshore end for the May start of the program and saying goodbye to the quiet life of Guelph. I’m thrilled and nervous and a bundle of other emotions competing for the most attention. In my other recent post, One Year of Loss and Hearing Loss, I reflected on how I still feel as though I am picking up the pieces from what happened last year, and I am. I do feel that this is a step in the right direction and I am going to make the best of this however I can.


3 thoughts on “[Where My Blog Will Go From Here]

  1. You go, girl!
    P.S.: “its students” – my, thy, his/her/its, our, your, their”. This is an error made by almost the entire world! Why am such a pain in the (_|_)? – because you’re studying writing! 😉

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