[Poem][Lonely Address Book]


Ever feel like giving something you own a voice of its own? I’m sure some articles of clothing you have could speak volumes!

Lonely Address Book

I feel empty inside,

But have so much space to give.

I’m here for your benefit,

I have no agenda of my own.

There is only me in here,

So I do feel special,

In some small way.

But you hardly open me,

Have you memorized my digits?

Have I become obsolete?

But it’s only me in here,

So I much be special,

I was the only one worth writing down.

I’ll stay here, just in case

You forget, seven little numbers.

I’ll be in your address book,

Just little old me.


5 thoughts on “[Poem][Lonely Address Book]

  1. You’re going to think me a horrible old woman … but! It seems that you need to do not a spelling check but a grammar check on your work, because you don’t want people to be enjoying the read and suddenly come to halt, saying “WTF …?”, do you?
    Check line no. 9 and you’ll see what I mean.
    And believe me, this is something I do all the time: the mind is travelling independently of the fingers, and they type things I don’t mean them to.
    I shall be back to read more of your work, later – and that’s a threat. [grin]

    • rozaliadame

      I don’t quite see what you mean about line 9.
      I can see that I actually have a slight spelling mistake on line 10 which I am about to correct, but as to the grammar of line 9, could you explain what you mean?

    • rozaliadame

      We all make mistakes, as we both just found out. Thank you very much for pointing out the mistake. Sometimes I write directly onto WordPress and it doesn’t always catch the grammar errors as opposed to writing on Word.

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