[The Project][Part 5]


Ready for more of The Project?!

One ambitious lady, Mave certainly seems to have her work cut out for her…

The Project – Part 5

The tip of the pen tapped rhythmically on a distant table, the sharp sound resonating through the empty corridors and laboratories. 3 am not was usually this quiet on a nightly basis because these days the great machine that ran their world was flawless. For the majority it was flawless and nothing more needed to be fixed, but few others would greatly disagree. The only reason the system could be implemented in the first place was because the entire idea was wholly unique, and to stay on top another truly unique idea needed to be implemented, and soon.

That is where The Project came in. That is where Mave came in.

The government system had eyes everywhere, multiple eyes to watch everything going on in order to be effective, but there was a major gap in the system that many viewed as minimal. Even with the advancements in video-visual quality, the sound was highly lacking. Directional microphones with the capability of enhancing voices came equipped on every video feed, but the flaw, as usual, was the human component. A microphone could pick up the sound of a pin drop during a street car race, but that did not mean the human operator could hear or even separate that specific sound out of all the rest. The objective of The Project was to give every sound a visual cue, a colour for each sound, so that no event could go unnoticed in any situation, down to every hostage overtake or routine fender-bender. Creating sound you could see would make the system absolutely perfect, truly flawless. It would be Mave’s discovery, Mave’s achievement, and Mave that would become famous to the entire world. She would be recognized among the greatest minds to have walked the technological world. She would make sure of it.

However, she needed to find who it was that triggered the alarm on her device first. Tilted head propped against her hand, Mave stared at her computer screen scanning the dozens of faces in the crowd. She would have to cross reference every face visible in the video against their citizen database in order to place a name, age, ethnicity, occupation, and location to the visual. She knew that this could take a while, a very long while, which was why she was working so late. While her office computer was running through the formatting processes to match each face with their information, Mave was combing the completed profiles for signs of what she needed. Hours had already passed since she had left the street and began the labour-intensive process of identifying and eliminating candidates.

Mave was given the resources and manpower to aid her in her research, but so far she had kept the purpose of the Project to herself, allowing her two subordinates to only search massive lists on patients with unique hearing impairments, limitations, or abnormalities. She remained allusive as to any greater details than that, and only she would then use that list in further cross-referencing those in the crowd from the photos and videos from last night. Mave was hell-bent on doing as much as this as possible, but she would not be as selfish as to omit the names of those that had helped, she just wanted that list of collaborators to be extremely limited. She wanted so desperately to be remembered for something important, something life-changing for the better. She wanted all her personal pain and sacrifice to be for something beyond herself. She knew it all sounded so selfish, but she wanted her mind to be used for good, not detriment any longer.


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