[The Project][Part 4]


It’s been a long month, but finally here is the next installment of The Project!

Also, I hope everyone has had a great New Years! Here is to an amazing year, filled with love, success, and inspiration!

Purple was the most wonderful colour to listen to though, but it wasn’t a sound she heard too often. She needed to remember to purchase a recorder of some kind. She should record purple, perhaps it would help when the other colours crowded her mind, like they were now. God, how she wish it would stop! The pain she was made to endure should not be placed on anyone, it just wasn’t fair that she had to go through this on her own. It just wasn’t fair…

But right now, she had other concerns that needed more of her attention for the moment. She placed her forefingers on both temples and pressed against the bone gently. Eyes closed, she breathed in deeply and coloured her mind’s eye in the colour green. Although green was overly vibrant and normally a disconcerning colour, it was sharp enough to disrupt any other colour causing her discomfort. She allowed the green to pulsate, and everything vibrated beneath her eyelids. The pain began to dissipate as exhaustion now overtook her body.

Evelyn knew she would need quite the rest after her painful episode but her other concern was beginning to cloud her mind now. Why had someone been taking pictures of the crowd? It certainly wasn’t for surveillance because she had been at ground level, besides the fact that the crowd was thick and constantly moving. The young woman with the camera had remained stationary the moment her eyes had widened. She definitely did not look as though she belonged at all, which was the reason she had stopped to look at her in the first place.

The society they lived in now expected its citizens to not only follow the laws unconditionally, but to not question the actions of their government and police. Whether it was to catch a criminal, prevent crime, or view which streets were due to be repaved, the government had employees all over the city whose occupation only consisted of watching and waiting. Mind you, the ability of human beings was all to known to be flawed but all too quickly the flaws of having only electronic-based surveillance was discovered, hence the utilization of both mediums. To an outsider, it all seemed excessive and totalitarian, but in reality it was far from it.

What made the system function so well was the human participation within the city when the government required additional information. The government actually listened to its citizens. It seemed like such a simple action, but by developing open lines through social media, email, and telephone hotlines, and creating careers for people to respond, citizens had no reason not to speak to their government. If something was wrong, all it took was a 2 minute interaction with an electronic device and within moments a live person responded and continued to respond in a timely manner until the query was resolved.

Needless to say, when the system was first implemented there were issues, namely an overwhelming flow of initial calls and emails on every issue or event that was currently plaguing the city. The system had the longest wait times it had ever seen and doubt grew about its future potential to be a benefit to all those involved. But government officials persisted, and even thought they were already so overwhelmed, they encouraged people to keep contacting them. When common issues were identified and logged into their system, official reports were written and were made to e easily accessible to all. By doing so, the flood of incoming calls slowed and the system balance itself out. The system became a success and the people became comfortable with the cameras and Watchers everywhere they went.

So when something, or someone, acted differently than usual, people noticed, but this time it appeared that only Evelyn did so. Could there be more to it than that or was she just being paranoid? It was most likely paranoia, because what reason would someone be out there acting like that? Perhaps it was a new type of surveillance that government was trying out. An even better question was, why did she care so much, why was she worried?

            Whatever the reason for any of it was, she needed to push it from her mind for the moment. She had dinner to start.


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