[The Project][Part 3]


Time to meet our newest character…


The pattering of rain made it difficult for her to hear, there were too many colours echoing through her ears. Nearly 23 years of hearing colours and she still had not been able to come to terms with her condition. It was not exactly something you could really describe in any words that other could understand, other than realizing that she was vastly different than everyone else she knew. So she learned to keep her mouth shut and simply say she had hearing loss.

It was not a lie exactly; it did become difficult to concentrate on listening when there was too much ambient noise around her. The lie came from what sounds she could and could not filter through her ears and that was the part that was the most difficult to explain to those she had attempted to tell in the past. Some nerve in her brain had decided to malfunction and connect her sensory systems together, and when her senses crossed the world became unmanageable. Learning to deal had recently become her sole purpose because, like all young women hope for, she had met her soul mate.

Love was an emotion she thought she would never encounter again since her mother had passed away because of all the exclusions she faced simply by needing to handle her condition. He seemed to have just turned up one day out of nowhere, and for some strange reason, he stuck around. She still could not wrap her mind around why he wanted to, she was so… But it didn’t matter it seemed. Well, it all was ‘as it seemed,’ all of it was questionable because she couldn’t just come out and ask him the questions that swirled around in her head. They were far too personal to ask him, just yet.

Her temples started to ache from all the mental questioning and stress she was imposing on herself. She needed to concentrate on making the colours stop in order to give her some peace for the night. She moved the arm chair and coffee table away from the center of the room and sat on the cold wooden floor, legs crossed and palms facing up upwards on her knees. She shook her head and cracked the stiffness from her neck. She closed her eyes and imagined white.

White was the only colour that gave her any peace in her mind. She didn’t know why but white gave off no sound at all, and it wasn’t as though she could ask anyone why that was, so it remained a mystery to her. She had only discovered this anomaly when she was priming the walls of her bedroom white when an episode of colour assaulted her ears.


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