[TheProject][Part 2]


Think Mave will find what she has been searching for tonight?

The Project – Part 2

It was always a shot in the dark, she knew this but currently standing and manually scanning crowds was the only way to mass process data. Unless evidence or a lead appeared to point her in a particular directly, to be able to organize a directed scanning on a smaller group of people, this was the only way. Being the only individual placed on the Project now, she had to monopolize her time to the fullest if only to prevent her superiors from having another agent on her assignment. This would be what defined her career, she knew that, and she did not anyone else even remotely taking an ounce of her accomplishment, if or when it was completed. The last thing she wanted was someone else coming up with a breakthrough on the Project, which was in itself a selfish desire but she knew that the purpose of this was no medical or weapon related. If it were, she may have been moved to accept more agents in discovering a result sooner. Maybe.

There came a small sound from her pocket, almost inaudible among the abstract noise of the city street. The beep of the instrument in her pocket sounded again, slightly louder and at a faster pace. It took her a moment to realize what was taking place. She could hardly believe that at random, she may have found her life’s work, walking on a street, the very street she was standing at. She straightened and began to slowly pivot her body around in a circle, scanning the crowd with her eyes though unsure of who she was looking for. Her hearing was at full attention, listening so intensely at any change of the instrument in her pocket. She could not risk taking it out and looking at it, people these days were too suspicious of anything that could be concealed in one’s pocket and later pointed at one’s body with the potential intent of harm.

The device began to beep wildly, making Mave’s slowly rotating movement jerk into complete stillness, her eyes wildly searching the crowd of faces in front of her. They all looked so normal, as though then belonged in the crowd of flesh and blood, but one did not belong. The faces were moving too quickly for her to visually scan each with her naked eye. With great haste, she pulled both hand from her coat pocket and, holding her right hand at stomach height, she used her left hand to clamp down on her wrist. A small green light glowed through the thin skin under her hand and a strong wind blew through the crowd.

Mave’s mind raced as the individuals around her seemed to freeze in their aimless walking. She closed her eyes and, with her inner eye, took a picture of the crowd. She knew her best chance of finding her subject would be to scan each face and identify who caused the device to alarm her. This would take time, time she did not have at the moment of contact. Mave knew her subject would be in the picture. She knew her career was sound. She knew her success was only a matter of time.


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