[The Difference between Night and Day][Part 2 – Conclusion]


Interested in reading what happens to the twins? Well here you go!

The Difference between Night and Day – Conclusion


            As the sun rose the next morning, so did Sol and Luna’s arguments. They did not want to waste time creating a solution in which they both could agree upon when they both knew the other’s pride would not allow for a peaceful resolution. They both knew however, that whatever they could come up with, Morpheus would do much worse. The only problem though, laid in the fabric of their being: they could not agree on anything.

At first they argued about why their likes and interests were better than the others. This lasted for hours and became extremely heated. To decide who was right in saying they were the better, they wanted to ask an unbiased outsider. The only problem with that was no one stayed around them once word of Morpheus’ impending plan for the twins reached their ears. They knew that if the twins were unable to come up with their own solution, then they deserved whatever Morpheus had planned for them. Besides, they knew that his plan has something to do with the upcoming celebration, and no one wanted to tamper with their surprise.

When Sol and Luna could not find anyone to ask, they resorted to more arguing, but now did not limit their arguing to their differences, but on how they could never agree. They became so infuriated with each other that they parted on rough terms once again, leaving only one day remaining to come up with a compromise or face the unknown of Morpheus’ mind.


            As the sun rose on the twins’ second, and last, day, the tension of their arguments from the night before lingered and intensified. Unfortunately for them, they would not meet one last time in order to make one last effort to find a compromise they both could live with. As Sol stood by the edge of Mount Olympus, looking over at the mortal world below, Luna was lingering on the opposite side of the city, also looking down at the mortal world. They had come to the silent agreement that they would allow Morpheus to decide their fate.


            The day came and night fell, and their time was now up. In complete silence, they walked to the iron gates of Olympus to await Morpheus’ compromise, or punishment. He was already waiting for them with a small dagger, a bronze goblet, and a black, silk bag. The twins were nervous as Morpheus appeared calm and sure of this upcoming decision. “I see neither of you have been able to convince the other of a compromise. Is there anything you have to say? Have you learned anything for the past couple of days?”

“With all due respect, we need more time,” Sol stepped up, a look of needed understanding on his face. He only asked because he did not want to appear weak to his superior.

“No, we do not, Dream Lord,” Luna spoke with attitude directed at her brother. “The only thing that as have agreed upon is that we need your guidance in order to cease our constant conflicts.”

Jealousy seemed to exit Sol’s eyes like daggers into Luna. “Enough! You both are right. I will aid you in finding more time to think of your actions and debates, and for a solution.” Morpheus poured the contents of the silk bag into the goblet and handed the dagger to Luna. “The blood of both twins will allow your unbalanced personalities to find purpose.” Luna placed the blade of the dagger in the palm of her right hand, closed her eyes and braced herself for the cut. She closed her hand over the goblet as drops of crimson blood fell from it. Sol took the dagger from Luna, cleaned it on his sleeve and cut his own right palm. Morpheus swirled the contents of the goblet, and the world darkened for Luna, and brightened for Sol.

Neither of them quite understood what happened, but then Morpheus’ voice pieced through the empty space. “Night and Day is forever apart. Luna, you are the Moon, and Sol, you are the Sun. You shall be kept apart always by Time, except for twice a year when one will eclipse the other. Perhaps now you two will learn to understand that both of you have importance and that no matter what, you both are equally important.”


            Ever since that time, Sol and Luna only see each other twice a year when they are allowed to talk and argue all they like. Morpheus was honoured for creating Night and Day, and all immortals and mortals alike marvel at this new faze that was set in motion.

The End


Pst…. Perhaps… A Part 3?


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