[The Project][Part 1]


Thought I would mix it up a bit and post something new I’m working on that is completely different from my earlier story. Let me be completely honest with you, I have no idea where this story is going to lead… and I’m excited for that! 

Very rarely do I plan out the plot lines of my stories and I am sure more experienced writers would say that this is not the correct approach to writing anything. I compensate by re-reading and editing the heck out of the story afterwards and end up adding in more to the story. It seems to work well for me and hopefully, with more practice, the quality of my stories will improve. 


The Project

            The work that I now had planned was extensive, there would be no time for anything else and I have to admit, I was quite looking forward to that. With nothing else to concentrate on, my mind would be able to fully consume itself with the Project. It would be perfection.

            The notion of scaling down the Project to one person had been my idea, and it was a good one at that. I just never thought it would have been me assigned to complete it. There was no problem in me being assigned to the Project. I was fully qualified and knowledgeable about the prospects to come from the completion of certain tasks that had been scheduled.

            Having been assigned this task over all others must have meant the company had faith in my ability. Even more important, they believed I was worth staking quite a large sum of money and resources on my ability. Perhaps if I were not so thrilled at receiving this chance, I would have been nervous beyond comprehension.

            Finding the perfect living specimen for the Project would be my life’s achievement.

~                                  ~                                  ~

            The sunrise was over; the reds, yellows, and oranges just finished fading away into the darkening starlit night sky. The evening was cool and calm for an expedition into the city where there was ever an abundance of people. The masses at night, looking alone for people to be with together in places they would never travel to in the daylight. They found comfort in groups in the iron jungle of the large city, having little to no care about the dangers they risked blindly looking for someone to share it with.

            Mave was not like that and could never imagine herself purposely seeking out another being to spend time with that had no other, useful, connection to her life. There was no reason to add another being into her life unless there would be some use to having them around, otherwise it just proved to be a waste of time, or so she believed. She leaned against the iron light post at the edge of the busy street corner, the people streaming on all sides of her, her light of sight clouded in every direction. She did not need her eyes to see however; she needed her instruments to work quickly, and above all, accurately.

            It was well past midnight and there was still an abundance of people out on the streets. She had only been standing in this particular location for about 5 minutes, not long enough for any stragglers to notice her extended presence amongst the constantly moving waves of people. She tried not to stay in one place for too long, unfortunately having to constantly move had its benefits and possible failure always looming over her head. There would always be that lingering chance that if she moved too soon or not soon enough, her instrument could completely miss her intended target never to cross it again. This is how Mave spent her nights, all her nights, scanning the crowds excessively attempting to raise the statistical percent of finding the single specimen that was out there.


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