[The Difference between Night and Day][Part 1]


This story was originally written when I was in high school, so a good 6-7 years ago. With the aid of a very eccentric and excited English teacher, I was encouraged to continue writing and turn it into a hobby that I cherish spending my time on. Enjoy!

The Difference between Night and Day

            Long before Alexander the Great and Cleopatra of Egypt made their marks on the world, two great twins of the universe are born. They have grown quickly, but have yet to find their purpose and have found no common ground between them. Sol, a warrior of a young man, loved the fresh mornings of new life and sun drenched afternoons. Luna, his sister, a delicate and slender young lady, loved the darkness of rest and the midnight silence of sleep. Their surroundings are not all that these twins find to be different. One could go as far as to say that they are the most opposite twins that have ever graced the universe. Compared with the huntress, Artemis, and her twin brother of prophecy, Apollo, Luna and Sol could not be considered of the same blood. Unfortunately for these two siblings, their constant arguing and concrete differences will tear them apart for as long as time stands.

            It was three days before the Summer Day or Darkness and all of Mount Olympus was readying for trips to festivals in the mortal realm. The Summer Day of Darkness only happens in the summer and one can only find out when it will occur only days before. For a few months, minutes, sometimes for hours, the sun disappears from the sky, engulfing the world in darkness in the middle of the day. Nearly the same event occurs during the winter months. During the night, the moon disappears, leaving the earth blanketed in complete darkness again. However, this year, all the immortals of Olympus were intrigued because Morpheus, keeper and creator of Dreams, was rumored to be planning something different this summer.

            This was true, for the most part. Morpheus had locked himself away in a tower that stretched far above the Mountain and bordered between the sky and space. In a small, mirror-lined room with no windows and only one iron door, he sat for weeks on end before the announcement of the Day of Darkness. He did this because he could hear the dreams from every mortal, as well as immortal, and the mirrors reflected them away from entering his mind all at once. The only problem was that sometimes, strong dreams managed to get through them. This annoyed Morpheus, to say the least, because this particular time, the dreams that bombarded him belonged to the twins, Sol and Luna.

            Needless to say, with all their pointless arguing cluttering him mind the past weeks, Morpheus was unable to think of anything to show at the nearing festivals. The newest argument that they were debating was about night and day, and how there should e a designated difference between the two. This would have been valid enough, except that each argued that their personal preference should be longer than the other. This gave Morpheus an idea for not only Sol and Luna, and for those immortals that were unfortunate enough to overhear their arguing, but his Day of Darkness dilemma as well.


            It did not take long for Morpheus to think of his plan to rid Olympus of the twin’s constant arguing, and gain an act for the Day of Darkness. He emerged from his mirrored room, walked down the highest tower and began wandering the large stone paths of the Kingdom. It was evening, when there was an equality of light and darkness, but was considered neither day or night. Morpheus knew that this would be the most appropriate time to walk with the twins because he would be able to, for once, find common ground between the three of them: balanced equality.

            He walked with the posture and grace of an aged god. Morpheus did not look old, but did not look young either. One could say he had an ageless face, which had its advantaged when he appeared in dreams to influence the dreamer. He had always been well respected and even thought of as more powerful than Zeus. Whether this was true or not, he never did say beyond letting it known that he would never exercise any power against their leader. He was going to use his authority to his advantage in the case of Sol and Luna. He did not overly like using his authority in such ways; he usually used dream to imply something or show the best option to take in difficult situations. However, in extreme circumstances that involved the well-being, and possibly the sanity of his fellow gods, he did not mind using this as extra assurance.

            Morpheus had reached the end of one stone path and turned to his left to follow a rosebush-covered metal fence to the gates of Olympia. As it always was, the area was deserted at this time. This was because it was a common spot for Sol and Luna to wallow over their arguments from earlier that day. As always, they were there: Sol sitting with his legs hanging over the white-wash stone ledge, his gaze turned towards the brightened side of the sky. Luna was sitting to his right, but at a distance because they had enraged each other once again. It was Luna who felt his presence first, “Good evening Morpheus,” she stood and bowed showing respect to the more powerful god.

            Not wanting to be outdone, Sol quickly, but smoothly, moved to his feet, bowed deeply, and said, “Good afternoon, Lord Dream.”

            Morpheus could feel the tension between them already and could tell that his plan as going to be simple enough to execute. “I have come to aid you.” They began to speak, but he hushed them with his hand. “I am here to help you and the others. It is no surprise to you that many find your arguing pointless and… slightly annoying. I am here to offer a solution to your constant bickering. You have two days to resolve your differences. If you cannot, I will bring forth my own solution.” And with that, he left them to figure, or fight, their own way out of being exact opposites. 


Attempting to Get Out There


What is it that most parents say to us, their children, about taking steps towards our futures? Oh right, ‘nothing is going to hand you your future. YOU need to do something about it.” And for most of us, I’m sure there is a mention of ‘get off that XBox, PS3/4, Wii, etc already!”

Well, I’m not that big into TV-console video games and I’ve actually been picking up a pen again so… This is me moving my butt.

I would like to share with you my writing. If you happen to know me, you’ll know that I write short stories, mainly focusing on creation through the story structure of mythologies. The first piece I will start posting is called The Difference between Night and Day, this story showing what I mean by creation stories using mythology.

I will also be posting excerpts from another work in progress that I have no idea where I want to go with but am excited to make the journey into forming it into something unique.

Here we go!